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Body armor and panels

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The CTP30 Ballistic Plate Vest with MOLLE system offers adaptable security and unmatched comfort in one size. With its ability to hold ballistic plates and its highly adjustable design, this vest is ready for every...
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The NIDEC’s technology evolving for more than 15 years of innovation and development of bulletproof vest, makes today possible the combination of the existing raw materials to obtain high security bulletproof vests , light and flexible, which stand out for its main characteristics: (click on the below titles to expand and read)

The ballistic composition of our MOT-2 panels, collect the advantages of conventional aramid fabrics, (as Kevlar™ or Twaron™), with the best polyethylene, (as Spectra™ and Dyneema™), giving as a result a flexible and soft material, waterproof, high temperatures resistant, blunt trauma reduction and cut and puncture protection.
The Nidec MOT-2 ballistic panels are up to 30% lighter than others ballistic compounds and on the same time, they provide 50% less trauma.

The American standard NIJ Interim 2005, allow a trauma up to 44mm, but the ballistic panels MOT-2 used in the Nidec bulletproof NIJ IIIA level plus stab protection vests, have a 50% less trauma than others.

We obtain, as an example, a 2 cm trauma measurement, with a 124 grains Full metal jacket 9mm Parabellum round, shot from 5m away at a initial speed of 436m / s. (That is without the help of the additional anti-trauma plates, like our PAT20, with which the trauma measure would result in a print of a just few millimeters).

The Nidec ballistic bulletproof vests come with the new MOT-2 2012 panels which include stab protection. Such protection is up to 24 Joules of energy with a type S1 double edged stab, according to NIJ 0115.00, resulting in 20 mm of blade penetration.

This regulation establishes the maximum allowable penetration, considered non-lethal, up to 20mm.

Table of required energy and permitted penetration for each type of weapon as per NIJ 0115.00 Standard.

What are these levels of energy?
- Energy: 20-30 joules. Stabbing with one hand and with a forward horizontal movement. This kind of stabbing is used by experts in fighting with weapons because the body is not exposed.
- Energy: 30-40 joules. Stabbing with one hand and vertical movement from up to down. This movement exposes the attacker body but the “bouncing” movement generates more velocity and therefore more energy.
- Energy: 40-50 joules. Stabbing with two hands above the head. This movement is considered most lethal, because generates the maximum mass and velocity on the impact.

The Nidec MOT-2 ballistic panels are incredibly flexible, you can roll them, and that allow wearing them all day with an excellent comfort.

Sealed at factory with 0% relative humidity, to avoid bacteria proliferation because of humidity kept inside the panels. Therefore our panels lasts for longer.

The thermo welded seal prevents the entry of water and sweat while the fabric´s cover protect the panels from the radiation and the ultraviolet rays.

The Evaportex made carrier preserves the bulletproof vest from scratches and scuff marks, and, at the same time, transpiring in both directions. Evaportex fabric is also antibacterial treated.

The MICRO-NET carrier interior fabric, acts as a car radiator. It refreshes the body expelling the corporal warmth and sweat out of the body.

The MOT-2 panels are always labeled and identified with a serial number.
NIJ certified by the National institute of Justice. The NIDEC bulletproof vest are designed in Spain and manufactured by H. Industries, Ltd. according to the American standard NIJ STD 0101-04 + Interim 2005 and anti-stab NIJ STD 0.115.00.

All lots are tested and certified in laboratories, such as the HP White approved by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) from USA, the FMS and the AITEX laboratory in Spain, giving to the product the highest standard results.

You can check the NIJ certificate on the National institute of Justice, U.S website:

All Nidec bulletproof vests are provided with the appropriate documentation. This book includes the guaranty certificate, updated copy of the certificates, signed and sealed, and various certified ballistic and anti-stab tests.

Insured with one of the largest global coverage. National liability insurance for 2.1 million Euro and 6 million dollar for international, thus to deal with any eventually manufacturing defect.

Guaranteed and serial numbered. MOT-2 ballistic panel comes with 10 years guarantee and therefore properly labeled and serial numbered. Transport bag, instructions for proper use and maintenance as well as a guarantee contract are included.

Nidec bulletproof vests are regularly sold in Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Panama, Cuba, Colombia and England. They are supplied by more than 200 dealers across the country and there are currently over 10,000 Nidec bulletproof vests only in the Spanish market.

The Nidec bulletproof vests are used on duty by many local Police Officers, State police such as Police of Navarra, Guardia Civil Information service and other international like Moroccan Royal Guard, etc…

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