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Defense Pepper Spray 22ml STREAM - SABRE RED - Approved

The pocket-sized Pepper Spray approved for civilian use.

IMPORTANT: This product will be out of stock until the first week of August. We recommend the SMK30, which is the same compound and potency in a 50ml gel instead of 22ml.



The best legal choice for your own personal safety is this Sabre Red SPR10 Pepper Spray. Its pocket-sized format is ideal to carry it always with you, and that is why it has a clip with which you can attach it to your waist.

This defense spray contains the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) launched on the market. This substance is the active ingredient of chili peppers and is directly responsible for the best self-defense sprays used by those who want to feel safe on the street.

A discreet and easy-handle 22 ml format is designed to accompany you in your daily routine and make you feel safe and secure always.

This defense Spray is perfect for your protection

Since defense sprays are the unique legal permitted self-defense system and Capsaicin is still an enlisted permitted food ingredient, you will not be involved in trouble if the police finds your pepper spray in normal circumstances. Its handling is really simple and straightforward: you point at the agressor's face, press the diffuser and the stream/gel will force him to stop due to the intense and strong stinging that he will specially suffer in the eyes. This will give you time to escape and call the police. Sabre Red pepper sprays contain the highest Capsaicin concentration (1.33%) ever seen on the marketed pepper sprays, ensuring maximum stopping power at a safe distance of up to 5 meters. 

SPR10 model projects its content in the form of ballistic gel. The main advantage is its high performance no matter the surrounding weather conditions, even if it's windy or you're in a room, the liquid will not linger on the environment. In addition, you will be pleased to know that this gel, besides incapacitating the agressor, it will mark him/her with an ultraviolet visible compound identificable up to 48 hours after the incident.

Did you know that Sabre Red is the leading manufacturer of pepper sprays worldwide?

Your safety is the most important thing to us and that is why we want you to get the best pepper spray launched ever to the market. The reason why we have been trusting Sabre Red, the world's largest manufacturer for years, is because of their leading products since 1975. Their manufactured pepper sprays contain the highest OC ratio on the market, ensuring their quality through exhaustive Quality Control tests.

It is also important for you to know that our sprays contain up to 5 times more capacity than the competitor's, which provides a greater number of discharges.

Surely you did not expect so much at this price. Our SPR10 model is our best-seller spray for so many reasons:

IMMEDIATE EFFECT: lasts up to 1 hour and does not generate subsequent side-effects.

THE SAFEST: It has a safety catch against accidental firing. Fires in any position. Up to 15 one-second shots to defend against multiple attackers.

NO ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION: Powerful jet that does NOT spread in the environment, with an effective reach of 4 meters.

RED COLOR + INVISIBLE MARKING: Helps police identify the attacker for 24 hours.

NATURAL, NON-CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS: OC Spray (Natural Pepper Extract). Enviromentally friendly.

Gráfico con la cantidad de OC de los sprays de defensa del mercado

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