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Defense Pepper Spray SABRE RED. GEL. Size MK-4 (75-90ml). Approved

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 Homologated Pepper Defense Spray (75-90ml) with GEL Crossfire shot. Homologated for civil use. 


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• Type of shot: Gel with Crossfire technology. 

• Capacity: 75ml.

• Ability to shoot: Up to 125 shots of 1 second.

• Quantity ejected in each shot: 5 gr of OC.

• Active Formula: 10% OC + 1.33% Capsaicinoids (pepper) with greater lachrymatory effect.

• Scope: 5 meters approx.

• Measurements: 16 cm in height x 3.5 cm in diameter.

• Immediate effect on the aggressor, with instantaneous incapacitation for 60 minutes without side effects for his health.

• It does not produce side effects in the aggressor.

• UV (invisible) UV compound that marks the aggressor to identify it until 48 hours later.

• Protective insurance against accidental firing.

• It does not pollute and protect the Ozone layer.

• It is not explosive or flammable and is compatible with electric defenses.

• NIDEC accessories: FMK40 sleeve recommended.

• Expiration: 5 years.


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CrossFire Technology SABRE RED

CROSSFIRE technology from SABRE RED: Continuous shot of OC (pepper) from any angle!  


Your mind runs fast to process all of the circumstances as a potentially dangerous individual approach you.


You are not sure if this seemingly aggressive individual is armed, if he has knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, or if he will obey verbal commands.


As your orders are not accepted, you increase your level of strength to the use of OC spray (pepper).


Suddenly, the individual puts his hands on his face and bends down as he quickly approaches you.


The seconds are consumed and your integrity is put in danger.


At this time, are you forced to scale to more drastic levels, Or do you have a SABRE RED spray with Crossfire technology?  


CrossFire: Continuous shooting from any angle When a police intervention with resistance requires the use of defense sprays, you have to be prepared before the subjects move quickly, bend, or try to block the spray.


In an intervention of this type, the seconds count and the later the agent to control the situation, the risk increases exponentially.


Therefore, SABRE RED, presents the new CrossFire technology, designed so that the agent can use the defense spray from any position and from any angle, because we know that the agent can not always use his spray from a safe position and standing.


Crossfire is the third generation technology that makes it possible to spray the OC spray (pepper) continuously, from any position. The second generation SABRE RED sprays also fire inverted, but not continuously, but the agent must make shots of 1/2 second.  


Crossfire sprays can shoot in any of the 360º possible positions. 

In order to acquire this product in Spain, you will need to prove that you are of legal age. (18 years). If you have any questions, contact us at or call us at (+34) 93 301 67 76 for more information.


In Spain, the Private Security Law, as well as its Uniformity Regulation, does not establish the defense spray, the extendable baton or the electric defense as regulatory weapons. What is provided by the Law, is that security companies can request the General Directorate of the Police, authorization for the use of additional weapons that are deemed appropriate according to the special characteristics of the service to be provided.


Therefore, those private security companies that believe it necessary to provide additional weapons to their security personnel, should request such authorization and attach it when they place the order so that we can process it.


The Security Rangers may acquire in a private capacity the approved SABRE RED defense sprays of their choice, but they should not carry them when they are on duty without the authorization of their company.  




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