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Aluminium Kubotan + Pepper Spray Cartridge - SABRE RED - FOG

RESTRICTED SALE. Although the system allows you to add and pay for this product in your shopping cart, and even confirm the order by sending an automatic email thanking you for the order, this product WILL NEVER BE SENT, unless you send an ORDER from an OFFICIAL ORGANISM.



The lightness and discretion make the Kubotan more and more used by police from all over the world.

The great advantage of the KUB18 is that inside it houses a replaceable cartridge with gas defense Saber Red at 10% OC @ 1,33 caloroides. This way and with only one team, two very useful defenses are available. The Kubotan, "Defender" or also called "Persuader" is designed to be worn as if it were a keychain and therefore in the most discreet way possible.

There are many techniques of use for the KUB18, both in distraction techniques, reduction by pressure tips and dislocations.

Precisely when keys are added to the Kubotán, a very effective element of distraction is obtained that allows the police to have a very valuable time to reduce and immobilize the subject.

Saber Red, is made of 100% natural pepper extract, and despite being the spiciest compound of all that is on the market, has the shortest decontamination time, which greatly eases police work.

· Dimensions: 14 cm long.

· Weight: 80 gr.

· Additional reloads: KUB19.  

Click here to see more: Sprays SabreRed, Comparative and Video

This product is a weapon prohibited to civilians according to article 5 of the current Weapons Regulation, (Royal Decree 137, of January 29, 1993). Its sale is restricted by Ministerial Order of April 28, 1982 (BOE number 112 of 11/5/1982), to the Organizations or Entities on which the Officials or Security Personnel depend, in whose Regulations or rules of action it is foreseen Its use.

Therefore if you are in Spain and you are a member of the FFCCSS, you must attach to your order any of these two documents, signed and stamped below.  

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