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Ballistic Shield 1000x600mm NIJ III+ with window + LED lighting

NIDEC's EPB34 ballistic shield is a high-level protection tool designed for extreme tactical situations. With a NIJ III+ ballistic protection level, it is lightweight, maneuverable and offers a bulletproof window for safe vision.


Discover NIDEC's EPB34 ballistic shield, designed with the best ballistic materials to provide unparalleled body protection in high-risk situations. This shield has been manufactured with tactical actions in mind when entering buildings or situations where weapons are present, guaranteeing maximum security with an optimized weight.

The EPB34 shield is distinguished by its high level of ballistic protection, corresponding to NIJ III+ level. This means that it can withstand impacts from high-velocity projectiles, typically fired by long-barrelled weapons such as M4 or Kalashnikov rifles, which ballistic solutions for small arms cannot stop. This shield has been tested and certified with the 7.69x39 ammunition of the Kalashnikov rifle, exceeding the American NIJ 0.108.01 standards.

Despite its robust protection, the EPB34 has been designed with the user's agility in mind. Weighing only 17.99kg, this shield allows for one-handed operation, facilitating access to tight and difficult places.

The EPB34 features an innovative format with indentations for the use of firearms, and an ergonomic shape with rounded and protected corners to reduce weight and increase user comfort. In addition, it incorporates a high-power LED lighting system with strobe function, useful in low-light situations. Includes rechargeable battery and 250V AC charger.

This shield is ambidextrous, thanks to a fastening system that adapts to both right-handed and left-handed users. It also has a shoulder strap, allowing the user to relax the arm during waiting times.

The EPB34 shield window is also bulletproof, with a NIJ III+ ballistic level equal to the rest of the shield. In addition, all exterior hardware is protected with a special tapered-finish steel coating to deflect any projectile impacting the bolts into the shield.

At NIDEC, we can customize the ballistic shields according to the needs and measurements required by our customers, always guaranteeing maximum safety and efficiency.

Technical characteristics:

  • Protection level NIJ III (NIJ 0.108.01).
  • Manufactured in UHDPE and other composite materials.
  • Base dimensions: 1100cm X 60cm (+- 10%) at its widest part.
  • Thickness: 25mm.
  • Weight: 17.99 kg (complete).
  • Protection area: 0.53 m2
  • Molded convex shape. Radial curve of R681,5mm and inner vault 73,06mm.
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic handle with foam, allowing multiple grips.
  • High density foam for shield grip for comfort .
  • Possibility of screen printing or adding by Velcro the logo / logo of the Police, on the impact face.
  • Front window of 200x100mm. protected with NIJ III+ level armored glass that allows perfect visualization through it without image distortion.
  • High intensity 800 lumen LED front illumination system with maximum power and/or strobe selector.
  • Power: 20 Watt
  • Rechargeable 6000mAh battery. Includes 250V AC charger.
  • Autonomy; More than 8 hours. 
  • On/off switch of the illumination system, easy access to the side of the handle (right side).
  • LED spotlight size: 120x45x28mm.
  • Rechargeable battery case size: 100x68x48mm.
  • LED spotlight weight: 0.6kg.
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Fully protected by a coating with fire retardant properties and high abrasion resistance.
  • Anti-reflective matte black color.
  • Identification label on the inner side with date of manufacture and protection level.
  • Customizable according to customer needs.


  • According to NIJ 0.108.01 standard (15 meters).
  • Projectiles in perpendicular trajectory at room temperature:
  • 7.62x56mm NATO (M14) tipped PS 7.9 gr at a velocity of 849m/s.
  • 7,62x39mm AK47 with 7,9 gr MSC tip at a velocity of 719m/s
  • 5.56x45mm M16 with SS109 tip of 4 gr. At a velocity of 955 m/s
  • Ballistic window shot: 7,62x56mm NATO (M14) with 7,9 gr PS tip at a velocity of 847m/s
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