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Full face Gas Mask with NBC filter cartridge

High-quality MSC90 gas mask for police and military use. Effective protection against NCBR threats, tear gas, and more.


The MSC90 is a gas mask designed for police and military use. It is the mask used by both the military and police in many countries around the world to face potential NCBR threats (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, and Chemical), which can range from toxic smoke, defense sprays, to nuclear, chemical, and/or biological accidents.

This high-quality mask features an adaptable and comfortable design that fits any facial structure and provides clear communication without the need for an amplifier.

With the most advanced technology in its design, the MSC90 uses a connection system with NCBR FIL90 filters (not included) on both sides, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view when aiming with long weapons. Its standard NATO 40mm x 1/7" thread meets American standards (American Army C2).

The MSC90 mask has been designed to last between 5 and 10 years stored without deterioration of the rubber. Each mask must be accompanied by a perfectly sealed NCBR FIL90 filter to ensure its preservation for at least 10 years as well. The great advantage of the NCBR filter is the light weight, reduced size, and low resistance it offers when breathing, greatly mitigating the usual feeling of suffocation experienced by those who have to use masks in panic situations.

The mask comes with a large panoramic screen, precisely to not reduce the user's field of vision and also to minimize stress in complicated situations.

The panoramic screen of the MSC90 mask is made of ocular-grade polycarbonate, which means it does not generate visual distortion, allowing military and police to aim with their weapon without problems caused by the mask and civilians not to suffer dizziness due to spending hours looking through plastic screens that are not ocular-grade. In addition, the screen includes scratch and fog protection.

Note: The MSC90 offers protection against nuclear, chemical, and biological agents known to date, as well as CS and CN tear gas, among others. Optionally, we have other filters for other types of threats, hydration system, and prescription glasses, as shown in the images.

Once the FIL90 filter is unsealed, its useful life is 6 months. If the filter is used, i.e., breathed through, its duration is between 100 and 250 minutes depending on contamination levels.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 560gr
  • Color: black
  • Size: universal
  • Effective field of vision: 77%.
  • Binocular field of vision: 83%.
  • Resistance to air fluid inhalation at 30 l/min, plus 25 Pa
  • Inhalation air fluid resistance at 95 l/min, plus 80 Pa
  • Exhalation air fluid resistance at 30 l/min, plus 50 Pa
  • Filter connection thread: Rd 40x1/7".
  • Minimum intelligibility: 95%.
  • Filter life according to CK standard: 100 minutes with an air flow rate of 30 lpm and a concentration of 3.0 mg/lt
  • Filter life according to DMMP standard: 250 minutes with an air fluid of 30 lpm and a concentration of 3.0 mg/lt
  • Operating temperature: -30ºC to 70ºC

Compatible with riot helmet CSC10 - Nidec Anti-Riot Helmet.

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