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Antiriot Helmet with 4mm Visor and Folding Nape of the Neck

Unique resistance at a ballistic level and other threats as rocks, bottles, sticks, etc..

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casco_antidistur_4b31f0630b0bd.jpgThe anti-riot helmet NIDEC CSC10 is made of special HRP polyethylene, the same used in competition, together with a hybrid compound, which provides to the helmet an exceptional resistance against impacts and corrosive agents. Also, this provides a ballistic resistance against impacts of pellets shoots -caliber 12/70- from a shotgun at only 5 meters. NIDEC helmet has the CE European Certification, according to Law 93/68/EEC. It is allowed to be sold at any of the State members of the European Union.


The helmet CSC10 is the result of improving and developing over the last 10 years, being at the moment the best riot helmet, with an outstanding quality-price ratio. The NIDEC CSC10 has great details and advantages for the daily user, who has helped us to develop it. The aim is to provide to the police officer the maximum level of comfort and safety without neglecting the cost factor, in order that the Administrations and law enforcement agencies could acquire it for their teams without the problem of a huge investment.
csc10-5.jpgThe helmet CSC10 is in black matte color, in order to generate neither reflections nor sparkles. In addition comes with a special treatment to provide more resistance to the helmet, against impacts, scratches and corrosive agents.

In each side of the riot helmet NIDEC CSC10, there are 2 holes at the ears level to allow police officers communication. These holes incorporate unidirectional membrane filters to prevent the entrance of liquids into the helmet from the outside but without loosing listening capability.

The face shield of the CSC10 riot helmet is made of polycarbonate HP. The HP is a high resistance and flexible polycarbonate that is used in the making from glasses to riot shields. The helmet CSC10 has a 4mm thick visor to guarantee the resistance against impacts towards the face of the officer. A big advantage of this special polycarbonate is that it has minimal vision distortion, so the one who wears the helmet for many hour will not get sick or end up with headache as it happens with plastic face shields.

The face shield, as you can see in the pictures, is over-sized. This is to make the use of a gas mask comfortable enough for the user.

The face shield has 4 open level points. Using a mechanical system, the face shield of the CSC10 riot helmet can be csc10-8.jpgleft opened in 3 different positions, plus a vertical fixed position.

The face shield is transparent with fog-free treatment. You can change it for the optional VIS10, (not included). VIS10 is a darkened face shield for a better protection against the sun.

In the top of the frontal visor, there is fixed a soft rubber with total protection to UV rays and corrosive agents. It does prevent the liquids to enter inside of the helmet, or what is worse towards the face and the eyes of the user.
In the back of the NIDEC CSC10 helmet there is the nape protection. It is a 3 fireproof pieces linked to each other by means of military specification Velcro. It does protect the police officer against impacts in this critical zone and certainly of the entry of liquids as well. These pieces are made in 1cm EVA special padding foam. It is high density foam to protect from impacts and fireproof fabric to protect from fire. This system is completely retractable inside the helmet. Level B1 fire proof neck protection according to the standard GB/T 17591-2006, FLAME RETARDANT FABRICS

Internally NIDEC's riot helmet has a completely adjustable system that turns it into multi-size, since the main suspension ring of the helmet is adjustable in diameter by means of Velcro. The whole system of suspension is done with straps of Nylon 1000 and except the principal ring, all the internal suspension harness remain away from the head of the user in order to offer the best protection in case of high impact, minimizing the head’s shock. It does have a fully padded interior with hypoallergenic fibers and anti-bacteria special treatment. It allows easy cleanliness and maintenance.
The CSC10 helmet have a XMAX closing system. It is the same used in the F1 racing helmets, and incorporates an ergonomic chin protector without singings or sharp edges. Inside the helmet there is a label for the user's identification with name and number space.

In the rear part of the CSC10 helmet, there is a hanging ring which allows, (by means of the LLA25 hook included with the helmet), to hang it of the duty belt in order to leave your hands free when you are not wearing neither using the helmet.

Furthermore in the low part of the helmet, there is a steel badge that authenticates the helmet as a NIDEC ORIGINALLY MADE. With that steel badge in your helmet, be sure that it is a NIDEC CSC10 riot helmet original helmet. Do not accept imitations.


∙ Nidec Professional Equipment exclusive model. Do not accept imitations.
∙ CE Certificated.
∙ Sock resistant to common impact during riots, violent strikes, etc…
Ballistic limited resistance in both the helmet and the face shield.

• V50 tested: 240 m/s
∙ Helmet hearing holes protected against liquid penetration.
∙ Transparent 4mm thick face shield. Darkened face shield VIS10 available for those who work under sunny daylight.
∙ Oversized face shield with anti-fog and scratch treatment to allow gas mask use.
∙ Polycarbonate HP made face shield with no viewing distortion and upper sealing rubber to avoid liquids coming in.
∙ Fully adjustable suspension system. One size fits all.
∙ Harnesses and inside fabric treated for faster humidity evaporation and against bacteria proliferation.
∙ Ring in the back of the helmet to allow an easy holding while stand and or transport.
∙ LLA25 belt hook included to hold the helmet.
∙ Fire retardant neck protection. 1cm. thick EVA padded foam. Neck protection can be folded inside the helmet for easier holding while stand and or transport. Level B1 fire proof neck protection according to the standard GB/T 17591-2006, FLAME RETARDANT FABRICS

∙ ID label inside the helmet with user identification (Agent nº).
∙ 5 years guarantee.
∙ Weight of an empty helmet: 1.68Kg.
∙ Color: Mate black.
∙ Textile carrying bag
∙ Other colors such (UN) BLUE, RED, WHITE, YELLOW or MILITARY GREEN optional. Please ask for MOQ.

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