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The new 21" GHOST PPC45 Extendable Baton, made entirely of high-strength polymer, offers an effective and safe solution for police control needs, minimizing potential damage and facilitating the officer's mobility.

RESTRICTED SALE IN SPAIN. Although the system allows you to add and pay for this product in your shopping cart, and even confirms your order by sending you an automatic email thanking you for your order, this product WILL NEVER BE SHIPPED TO YOU, unless you subsequently provide an ORDER from an OFFICIAL ORGANISM. 


New GHOST Extendable Baton is 100% Polymer 

Introducing the new GHOST PPC45 21" Extendable Baton - a revolutionary product designed for law enforcement. This baton is 100% polymer, with no metal parts, meeting the growing demands of law enforcement agencies that prefer all-plastic equipment.

The PPC45 GHOST extendable baton, produced by the renowned GHOST INTERNATIONAL, is manufactured from high-strength techno-polymer in a two-section design. This material and design has several benefits. First, it minimizes the physical damage that a metal baton can cause if not used correctly.

In addition, the use of polymer results in a significant weight reduction compared to metal batons. Considering that a full police belt can easily exceed 5 kg, a lighter baton lightens the overall load, facilitating police work and protecting the officer's physical integrity.

The PPC45 is larger in diameter so that, in the event of an impact, the energy produced is more effective on the muscular areas of the arms and legs. Despite its less threatening appearance as a plastic "baton", this baton is not designed to hit.

The GHOST PPC45 extendable baton is compatible with the TAH45 polymer baton holder and rotating system and offers the ability to deter, reduce, press, dislocate, drive and ultimately strike if absolutely necessary, always remembering NOT to strike to the head, neck and genitals. 

Main characteristics:
  • Easy to grip, to extend and to fold
  • Made of TRIPOL composite techno-polymer.
  • Mechanically simple, only 2 parts which eliminates maintenance.
  • Very light and silent cane thanks to its 100% TRIPOL composite polymer composition.
  • Made of 2 molded tubular sections without rails, allowing a quick and safe opening.
  • Extruded and oversized handle for excellent grip even in the wet.
  • Rounded upper tip to avoid injury.
  • Fully corrosion resistant.
  • Dimensions:
  • Folded: 25 cm.
  • Extended: 55 cm.
  • Weight: 400 gr


Proper training in the use of this baton is essential, but not mandatory. At NIDEC, we offer training courses at various levels and, throughout the year, also courses to become a NIDEC police baton instructor. These courses teach techniques and tactics for rational, proportional and consistent baton use.

Many of the courses offered on the market are free, or at least advertised as such, although of course, the high price of the baton may well include a short training course. Be wary of free training courses. A course to teach you how to hit with the baton is logical that it should be free. But beating with a police baton should be your last resort. If you receive proper training you will realize the operability of the baton without the need to strike.


In Spain, the Private Security Law, as well as the Regulation of Uniformity of the same, does not establish the defense spray, the extensible baton or the electric defense as regulatory weapons. What the Law does provide is that security companies may request authorization from the General Police Directorate for the use of additional weapons that are deemed appropriate according to the special characteristics of the service to be provided.

Therefore, those private security companies that believe it is necessary to provide their security personnel with additional weapons, must request such authorization and attach the concession when placing the order, so that it can be processed.

Security Guards may purchase the Sabre Red approved defense sprays of their choice on an individual basis, but they should not carry them on duty unless they have authorization from their security company.


In Spain, this product is a weapon prohibited to civilians according to article 5.1, Apt C, of the current Weapons Regulation, (Royal Decree 137, of January 29, 1993). Its sale is restricted according to Ministerial Order of April 28, 1982 (BOE number 112 of 11/5/1982), to the Organizations or Entities to which the Civil Servants or Security Personnel depend on whose internal Regulations or Norms of action its use is foreseen.

Therefore, and despite the fact that it is only a baton and its sale is free in most countries of the world, you must, if you are in Spain and you are a member of the FFCCSS, attach to your order any of these two documents, signed and stamped that you have below:

Download official order form

Download Authorization Authorized Officials

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. Contact us at 902 333 007 or  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How can I be qualified to carry a firearm and a conventional defense and NOT an extendable defense?

I wish we could answer such a simple question that we are asked so often, but at least OFFICIALLY there is no answer. In Spain the baton or extensible defense is clearly criminalized. According to the legislator, the extensible defense has a high injurious potential and its ease of concealment makes it especially dangerous. We do not know the reasons why the sale of knives and razors of large dimensions and equally concealable are still for free sale. 

How can it be that being a member of the Security Forces and Corps I have to fill out so many papers to acquire a defense legally, when it turns out that anyone can order it online from France, Germany and Czech Republic and receive it directly at home in 24hrs?

Because in Spain we are like that. Unfortunately the Legislator does not or cannot do anything to avoid the thousands of community entries of extendable fenders in Spain coming from those countries freely and without any control, but he can, and he does, demanding to the national companies that we comply with the Law in a scrupulous way in spite of favoring the illegal trade of these fenders.

Why in other communities of Spain they do not put any impediment to me to acquire an extensible defense when I identify myself as Police?

Well, we do not know it too. In principle, the law is the same for everyone, although it is true that there are some places in our country that seem to be more permissive. Probably because in the face of the current reality, one realizes that we are facing a lack of updating or revision of the Weapons Regulations on that point. 

Why are they not for free sale in Spain, when they are in France, Germany, Andorra, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc...?

Because their laws are perhaps more harmonized with those of the European Union or simply because their respective Weapons Regulations are more coherent in the face of a "weapon" that is nothing more than a piece of metal or plastic tube, infinitely less harmful than any white weapon sold over the counter in Spain.

Why is it not allowed to be sold only to Police Officers at a private level in Spain?

Because the Guardia Civil does not want to. In spite of the fact that members of the Armed Forces are excluded in Article 1 of the RdeA, and that Article 5 excludes specially authorized officers, many gun shops in Spain have "conditions" in our Administrative Authorizations (issued by the Government Delegation, after a report from the Civil Guard), so that we can only sell them to Organizations by "Official Order" and never to Police Officers as private individuals.

What do I have to do to become a Specially Qualified Officer?

Good question. There is no OFFICIAL answer either. But we always answer the same. First, your Corps or Agency must recognize and accept (better if it is regulated), the use of the extensible defense as a police weapon. Then take a course, if possible recognized, of "responsible handling of the extensible defense" and then go to your Chief and ask him for a letter recognizing your special authorization to use this "weapon". You can also go directly to your Chief, skipping all the intermediate steps, since your basic training as a Police Officer covers the use of the defense, then an extensible defense, once opened, is the same as a conventional defense.

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