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21'' NIDEC Expandable Blackchrome Baton

This year, NIDEC launches a new baton designed to meet and over-fulfill all Organizations’s expectations.....




TNIDEC launches a new expandable baton designed to meet and over-fulfill any Organization’s expectations. It is worldwide known that Nidec Professional Equipment, branded “NDC”, is currently offering the best featured ratio; cost/quality and market prices. Moreover the new NDC 21” includes the latest technologies in materials, which award our product with an incredible resistance to mechanical traction and corrosive agents.

An expandable baton gives the perfect solution and hints to ensure a great and continued police labor under every kind of intervention. These batons are used on a regular basis for the defense actions in many Police Forces around the world.
Attention! Even knowing the batons might just be a simple “metal stick”, and they are majorly traded and sold as non-controlled product in most of the European countries, it’s a forbidden weapon for civilian use in Spain!

Batons developed by NIDEC are NOT the result of iron funding and modeling in tube-shapes. Upon that thought, these products are made using a well studied quality control and a secret combination of steals together with special treatments and chemicals that result in an impressive high level of resistance.

Before its release to the market, accurate test have been carried out to find out its breaking point, corrosive affectation, stretching, friction and scratch resistant. Always the NDC 21” provides the best results.

There are currently many expandable batons in the market that could be even four times more expensive than ours. This fact does NOT mean that they shall be better, as many try to convince about. Nidec Professional Equipment’s products prove this statement to be false.

NIDEC does not include over-rated brand costs, golden logos or glitter; and of course, we do not include training fees in the baton cost. We rather prefer to treat baton training as a separated topic, and therefore ensure their top quality.

All NDC batons include a holster made of Nylon. Anyhow, within our products range we also count with rotating side break scabbard as FUN22 in polycarbonate and FUN23 in Ballistic Nylon as well, which allow users to twist the baton when needed, for instance, while sitting down in the car.

All NIDEC Batons are marked with the Nidec Professional Equipment logo NDC. Please refuse imitations.

There are many batons with an Asiatic origin which have no bending, no scratch, no strength resistance at all.


  • Expandable baton designed for Law Enforcement officers who seek for reliability and quality at reasonable prices.
  • Material: Steal tubes without joint, and treated at cold and heat technologies. Steal brand is CK55 - DIN 17200, C55E - EN 10083-1+A1
  • Finish: Zinc-Titanium with Metal-Carbone alloy in black color.
  • Steal strength tested by Rockwell 48 HRC strengthener.
  • Steal average traction resistance: between 700 y 950 N/mm2.
  • Highly resistant against scratch, abrasion and rust.
  • Resists a 90º force of 4.500 Kg before it bends.
  • High density neoprene grip without heat transmission. It assures a perfect grip even in wet conditions.
  • External grip diameter: 26 mm.
  • Rubber used in the grip is skin touch non-allergenic.
  • Rounded tip to avoid puncturing and to allow glass breaking.
  • Threaded metal cap at the bottom of the grip.
  • Holding clip made of stainless steal. It allows the user to adjust the amount of energy required to expand the baton.
  • Made of 3 tubes with a total extended length of 21”. (53cm.)
  • Nylon sheath included.
  • Fully compatible with side break scabbards like FUN23 and polymer made FUN22.
  • Packed in carton box marked with NDC Nidec Professional Equipment.
  • Size when folded: 22 cm.
  • Size when extended: 53 cm.
  • Weight: 490 g. 
    • Portability, weight reduction and much smaller size than a conventional baton.
    • It does not balance while in the belt.
    • Because of it size, it will always go with the agent and in a discreet mode.
    • Ideal for covert operations and motorized units.
    • It allows kubotan techniques.
    • It allows the user to control, reduce, dislocate and drive the aggressor with much more control and safety.
    • Up to 4.500Kg of resistance before it bends. Load lifting up test.
    • It might be used also as an emergency tool to escape/evacuate by breaking windows, doors, etc.
    • Expandability at 1500 Newton is = 3mm.
    • Great dissuade effect when expanding.
    • It can optionally be engraved with laser for department badge, serial number, etc…
    • Spanish liability insurance for Euros 1,2 million.
    • We offer several different levels of police expandable baton courses.
    The use of the expandable baton does not matter what type or brand, requires a training course. This course is not mandatory but highly recommended.
    There are lots of techniques to apply with the expandable baton which do not include any hits with the baton. NIDEC does not encourage people to attend those courses where the base is to learn how to hit. Hitting with a stick is something innate of any human being, there is no need to learn this.
    Some of the courses you can find in the market are free, or at least they say they are free, although whenever you pay US$ 100 for a baton, it can really include a basic training course.
    Please do not trust on these free courses. A course to learn how to hit with the baton must be always free. In our courses, hitting someone with the baton is really the last of your options. If you receive a proper training with the baton, you will realize you will hardly need to hit with it.
    The courses you can find in our academy Instituto de Formación Nidec , or any course you might receive from a Nidec expandable baton certificated instructor, will teach you the different techniques and tactics to use your baton according to the threat.
    In our site for the Academy, you will find several courses during the year. Please check in our calendar. See the courses by date.

This product is a forbidden weapon for civilians according to the Spanish gun Law (Real Decreto 137, January 29th 1993).  in its article 5. Selling this product is restricted according to Ministerial Law of April, 28th 1982 (BOE number 112 of 11/5/1982), to the Law Enforcement agencies and security personnel only.
To be sent this product, you will be required to provide additional documents. Please contact us at +34 902 333 007

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