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CAPTURE SHIELD 92x53x0,4cm

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Nidec capture shield is manufactured with thin layers of a high performance polycarbonate...


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Nidec capture shield is manufactured with thin layers of a high performance polycarbonate that differs from cheap conventional polycarbonates because it resists twisting without shattering. It bends and returns to its original position without breaking.

Other shields manufactured with regular polycarbonate do not resist and end up shattering, turning into multiple deadly weapons, which might become extremely dangerous for the anti-riot officer.


• Manufactured with state-of-the-art polycarbonate that offers great resistant to chemical agents and to pressure allowing also to see clearly through it.
• Ergonomic handles.
• Rounded edges

• Thermoformed to a concave form to reduce a person against the wall or flor.  

• A 5-year guarantee against any polycarbonate manufacturing faults 
• It allows video recording from behind the shield without causing distortion. No reinforcing ribs on the shield

• Polycarbonate thickness: 1,2 gr/cm3 by ISO 1183.
• Moisture absorption (after drying at standard climate 23º in accordance with ISO 62-4): 0,15%.
• Forming temperature: 180-210 ºC.
• Resistance to bending ISO 527-2: 60 Mpa.
• Distortion by bending:  ISO 527-2: 6%.
• Tensile strength ISO 527-2: 60 Mpa.
• Elongation at break ISO 527-2: 70 Mpa.
• Charpy impact test with folding-over ISO 179: no breaking kj/m2.
• Softening properties Vicat ISO 306: 148 ºC
• Thermal transferability DIN52612: 0,2 W/mK
• Linear thermal expansion DIN53752-A: 0,065 mm/mC.
• Temperature of thermal shift at 0,45 MPa. ISO 75-2: 139 ºC.
• Specific heat capacity: 1,17 J/gK
• Light transmission DIN5036-3: 86%
• Optical refractive index ISO 489: 1,586.
• Electric-volume resistance IEC 60093: 10 üzeri 10
• Dielectric voltage IEC 60243-1: 35 kV/mm
• Surface Electrical resistivity  IEC60093: 10 üzeri 14 ohm
• Dielectric constant (over 10 3 Hz) IEC 60250: 3,1
• Working temperature between –50 C up to +50 C
• Anti-scratch and anti-fog protection 
• Dimensions: 92 x 53 x 0.4 cm of thickness
• Weight: 2,5 kg.
• We have larger  size of EPP44 model.
• We also have special models with up to 0,7 cm of thickness, with fragmentation protection certificate V50 up to 260 m/s.
• Alternatively it can be used with Nylon cover to protect the shield

• Shield do not include any kind of labeling. We have RPP25 ID labels with the following: POLICE, LOCAL POLICE and MILITARY POLICE.


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