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SHOCKNIFE SK-2 knife for REAL training, power adjustable

NEW! The SHOCKNIFE SK-2 is an advanced training knife that offers unparalleled realism, thanks to its electrical discharge of up to 7500 volts. Its adjustable power and exceptional resistance make it perfect for military and police training.


Shocknife® is the electric shock knife that is revolutionizing the police training industry. The Shocknife® blade generates a powerful electric shock that causes the sensation of pain but does no physical harm or incapacitation to the human body.

In training, when trainees receive the Shocknife® electric shock, they are provided with a pain stimulus, just as in a real attack.

The introduction of less lethal tools, coupled with the need for increasingly realistic training, is taking police training to the highest levels in recorded history.

In the most developed countries, you can hardly find a police academy today that does not work with realistic scenario-based training. Until now, it was impossible to reach real scenarios in training with rubber, wood or plastic knives, knowing that these materials do not provide the level of stress of real situations, nor do they help the student to test for himself the effectiveness of his defense techniques against knife aggressions. However, this has all changed with the introduction of the Shocknife®.

SHOCKNIFE SK-2 Advanced Training Knife: Real Experience with Adjustable Power

Introduce an unprecedented level of realism to your training practice with the new SHOCKNIFE SK-2, designed for efficient learning under stress. This professional training knife delivers an electrical shock of up to 7500 volts with a safety factor of less than one milliampere, and allows the user to control the activation and interruption of the shock.
Advanced Stress Training
The SHOCKNIFE SK-2 offers four adjustable levels of electrical intensity for a versatile and comprehensive knife training experience. With its virtually unbreakable polycarbonate blend construction and non-slip handle coating, it is the perfect instrument for the most demanding workouts.
Technical features: 

  • Knife Length: 28.3cm (11 inches).
  • Knife width: 3.89cm (1.5 inches).
  • Length of the handle: 11.46cm (4.5 inches).
  • Handle width: 7.61cm (3 inches).
  • Material: Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate blend.
  • Handle coating: non-slip.
  • Maximum voltage: 7,500 volts.
  • Amperage: less than 1 milliamp (.00075 Amps).
  • Adjustable intensity levels: 1.Low, 2.Medium, 3.High, 4.Extreme.
  • Carrying case: Included.
Purchase of the SHOCKNIFE SK-2 includes power regulator, carrying case, online Shocknife Safety Monitor certification and 12-month warranty. Accessories and Shocknife Instructor certification courses available. Contact us to learn more about Shocknife warranty extensions. The SHOCKNIFE training knife is a product for police and military use and is therefore exempt from the laws of commerce that regulate the warranty of products for civilian use. 

This product has been catalogued by the Intervención Central de Armas y Explosivos de la Guardia Civil, as an electric defense weapon and therefore protected under article 5.1C, its sale being restricted in Spain according to the 1993 Weapons Regulation and still in force to date, to specially authorized officials. This means that for the trade of this equipment, NIDEC Spain will request an order from an Official Body in order to process its sale as a "weapon".

The Shocknife and StressBlade, is a training knife, made of plastic without edges and with an electrical capacity of 0.00075 Amperes of power, to transmit for milliseconds the sensation that generates a cut by a knife. In this way, it is possible to train in a much more realistic way and with total safety for people.

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