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Annual HALO VAULT Cloud License for Horizon S2/S3 Camera: secure storage and unlimited access to your evidence from anywhere.


VAULT evidence management software is installed on several high security servers in Europe to ensure that our customers who prefer to rely on the storage of their evidence on these servers with the highest security guarantees against hackers of all kinds or even natural accidents such as fire, floods, earthquakes and computer disasters of any other kind, rather than having such software installed on their own local servers with limited security and storage measures. 

HALO Technologies is Europe's leading manufacturer of personal cameras. With an increasing worldwide presence, it is becoming the reference for many other manufacturers who see how a more modest company not only has a better product but also understands the needs of the market much better and adapts the product to the customers and not the other way around.

One of the "problems" that customers often encounter is that when they start receiving several videos every day and for each camera, the management of all that information becomes very complicated if there are no automated processes on the one hand and on the other hand sufficient storage infrastructure to accommodate all those videos for at least 30 days according to the European law on personal data protection GDPR.

Halo's VAULT management software is very easy to manage by the user and when the customer prefers to take advantage of the enormous resources of our cloud servers in terms of security, speed and accessibility from anywhere and anytime, is when it becomes necessary to hire an annual license for each camera to have its space in the cloud servers. For system administrators or users, there is no substantial change other than instead of accessing the VAULT software installed on their computers, they access the VAULT software installed in the cloud.

With Halo, there are no surprises of any kind and no cost overruns for exceeding the maximum storage. With CAM20-CLOUD per camera on an annual basis, you get unlimited access and sufficient storage for your camera in a totally secure manner.

With this service, you can securely access your evidence whenever you want, wherever you want, on whatever device you have. All access to your customer account by any user, as well as their activity, is recorded. If they watch videos, if they send them, if they make a copy, anything is recorded chronologically so that the chain of custody is never lost.

In addition, when you have open "cases", you can not only upload videos captured by your Halo cameras, but you can upload evidence captured by any other device, including what citizens have recorded with their own cell phones.

You can also easily share the evidence with other people and if necessary, you can easily mask the faces of the people in the videos so as not to violate the law.

Another tool of the VAULT software is the possibility of making "marks" that make it easy to go to key moments of your evidence later, so that those who need to see the videos can go directly to the marks of great interest.


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