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Door-Breaching Ram w/ anti-spark treatment - 15.9Kg (35 lb)

The innovative breaching-door tool by NIDEC called "Knock-Knock" in just 15.9 Kg (35 lb) and 80.5 cm (31.7 in)



The new GAP20 by NIDEC is a cutting-edged door-breaching ram designed to be used by one or two users and capable of striking a door with an impact pressure up to 11.6 tons/m2.

Its structure and robustness ease the optimal use of the operator's force since it does not have to apply more force than the own ram's own lift. The working principle of the GAP20 is based on taking advantage of the kinetic energy of balancing the ram mass to transform it into an enormous amount of impact force capable of breaching any door lock. During the impact, all the resulting force is focused at the front end of the ram in order to achieve an immediate and effective gap. Thanks to the internal multi-density composition, the need to take a run or momentum disapears unlike it happens with less-evolved models. This ram becomes very useful in small places as well as it is fully functional even with smaller bodybuilding users.

The high-density insulating rubber treatment on the ends provides a greater lever of security for the user, since this coating makes electrical conduction or sparks generation by friction impossible to happen. This is the main reason why the GAP20 ram is suitable for all types of services and specially those with explosion risks, for instance, in ATEX environments. 

  • Weight: 15.9 Kg (35 lb)
  • Measurements: 80.5 cm long x 17.5 cm high (31.7 in long x 6.9 in high)
  • Impact face diameter: 11 cm (4.3 in)
  • A shoulder strap in included for easy portability.
  • Approved for police and firefighting purposes.

Other available models with greater breaching power can also be offered:

  • GAP20-19: 103 cm long x 17.5 cm high (40.5 in long x 6.9 in high) - 19 Kg (41.9 lb)
  • GAP20-22: 103 cm long x 17.5 cm high (40.5 in long x 6.9 in high) - 22 Kg (48.5 lb)

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