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LION 900 Certified Sampling Etylometer

The AIA50 is an EN15964 certified sampling ethylometer that uses electrochemical technology to detect breath alcohol very accurately. It is a high-precision portable ethylometer, perfect for professional breath alcohol tests. With its compact and lightweight design, it offers efficiency, ease of use, and accurate results.


The portable ALCOHOLYMETER AIA50 LION 900 is a breathalyzer for professional use, which is EN15954 and IP54 certified and can be connected to a printer to obtain a physical proof of the breathalyzer analysis performed. It is compact, lightweight, and fast to process, so it allows sampling tests to be carried out very quickly for many people. It includes a self-monitoring calibration system to always give an accurate reading of the expired alcohol content. It only requires an annual calibration check. The equipment has a wireless connection to connect a printer or other devices.

1. Accurate & ruggedized technology

The device measures ethanol concentration with increased sensitivity thanks to its LION electrochemical fuel cell sensor. The detector has been specifically designed for the ethanol molecule, thus avoiding possible false positives caused by the presence of ketones or hydrocarbon molecules. The breath sample taken is quickly analyzed after the guided blowing process, always giving a very accurate result within 5% tolerance. An evidential ethylometer has a 5% tolerance as well. With Lion fuel cell sensor technology we can ensure that the result is totally reliable and reproducible over time. An air heater is included to maintain an accurate reading even in areas with very low ambient temperature. The equipment is serviced and calibrated for up to 1 year, reducing the cost of long-term use. The LION 900 includes an internal self-monitoring system, so that depending on its use and results, it is able to alert the user of the proximity to perform a calibration.

2. Easy handling

Allows breath alcohol tests to be performed extremely quickly. Ready to use in less than 10 seconds from the moment the power button is pressed and with a sample-to-sample recovery time of only 4 seconds if the result is zero. 

Its low resistance to blowing makes it possible to perform tests even with a very low respiratory volume or people with respiratory problems. Another advantage is that it has blowing air collector cones that make it possible to collect passive samples, i.e., to take quick samples from subjects just by blowing into the cone, without contact, to take samples from unconscious subjects or samples in containers suspected of containing alcoholic substances. 

The blowing process is guided and directed. The user hears a continuous beep while blowing and a click when the air sample is sufficient and ready to be analyzed. If on the contrary, the user interrupts the flow or aspirates, the beep becomes intermittent while the user sees on the display the warnings "insufficient flow", "reverse flow" or if the user blows well, the message "blow" is displayed and then "wait" to see the result directly on the display.

3. Intuitive user interface

The interface is clear and simple, with a large main button that can be used even when wearing gloves and two navigation keys to navigate through highly intuitive menus in English. The results are displayed on the illuminated liquid crystal display in the form of text messages, accompanied by a red or green LED indicator and acoustic signals.

4. Ergonomic and safe handling

The LION 900 is ideally sized for one-handed portability. It is operated with only 3 buttons, and the mouthpieces are placed sideways for the operator's safety, so that when the person blows through the mouthpiece, the operator does not receive the breath residue as with breathalyzers where the mouthpiece is placed at the top and blown into the device. Handling is equally easy for right-handed and left-handed users, as the LION mouthpieces can be positioned either way. Designed for use in all weather conditions, the AIA50 LION 900 can even be used with gloves thanks to the special design of the buttons, the spacing between them and the degree of pressure with which they are manufactured. 

5. Recording of results

The device has an internal memory for the last 10,000 test results, so it is easy to scroll through the records, viewing the test number, date, time, mouthpiece type and result, and the selected analysis can be sent to print at any time.

The results can be printed by means of a thermal printer that outputs the test result or they can be transferred to a PC and managed thanks to the included DATA 900 software. All measurement results are recorded with their test number, date and time of recording. 

The data of the Lion 900 ethylometer can be retrieved via USB or Bluetooth. Via the software-900 the data can be extracted or the unit can be reconfigured via the USB-C port. Via Bluetooth, Alcohub (Android) is available to connect directly to the ethylometer. With Alcohub (Server), you can access user management, unit inventory management and general screen startup data.

It is also possible to link via Bluetooth the Lion 900 with an Android device to obtain statistical data of its use.

Finally, a Lion 900 can also be assigned to the agent's ID or TIP when the agent picks it up at the start of the shift.

6. Safe and hygienic

The device is designed in such a way that a person's breath is never directed towards the officer, so that the mouthpieces of the LION 900 are positioned perpendicular to the device. In addition, the officer's hand holding the device is also out of reach of the breath. This means that the operator is always as far away as possible from the mouth of the person being examined. Thanks to the patented mouthpiece, the device ensures optimum hygiene, regardless of which way the mouthpiece is positioned.

In addition, the non-return mouthpieces prevent the possible spread of diseases between users if one of them sucks instead of blows.

7. Low consumption

The device is powered by four 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries, which can perform 8,000 tests at room temperature.

8. Certifications

This Ethylometer has been designed in accordance with International Recommendation R.126 on ethylometers of the International Organization of Legal Metrology and is certified according to European Standard EN 15964 2011. Requirements and test methods for professional ethylometers.

9. GPS and Bluetooth

Immediate positioning. Longitude and latitude are stored along with the test data, so it means further proof of where and when the test was performed.

Includes Bluetooth connectivity signal to connect to a printer, tablet, PC, mobile. It is compatible with 5G technology.

10. Calibration

Lion certifies that the device is stable for a period of 12 months. However, if the instrument is used very frequently, a quarterly calibration or less is recommended. The Lion 900 has been designed to be recalibrated quickly and economically. Within 24 hours of receiving the ethylometer, we return it to you calibrated and certified, as dry or wet gas simulators are available.

In addition, the Lion 900 includes a barometric control, to correct and calibrate correctly the pressurized gases at the time of calibration.

11. Special features of the Lion 900

The Lion 900 allows alcohol readings to be taken even if the subject's breath is insufficient. That is to say, whether the subject does not want to blow well, or if the subject is unable to do so due to very low lung capacity, the Lion 900 can perform an analysis with the amount of sample it has collected. 

In other cases, where the subject does not want to submit, the Lion 900 can perform a "passive" test while the subject is talking. By simply bringing the Lion 900 close to the subject, it is able to perform a breathalyzer analysis of the breath that the subject expels while speaking. Passive tests can also be performed on glasses and bottles with traces of liquid, to find out whether the subject, who does not want to submit to the analysis, is drinking alcohol or not.


  • Measuring principle: Electrochemical sensor for selective detection of ethanol molecules. Lion Fuel Cell
  • Measuring range: concentrations from 0.00 mg/L to 3.00 mg/L with a scale of 0.01 mg/L. BrAC
  • Accuracy: ±0.02mg/L at concentrations above 0.300mg/L +-10% above 0.20mg/L
  • Measurement step: 0.01mg/L and 0.001mg/L in metrological mode.
  • Response time: Less than 10 seconds after a 0.25mg/L alcohol analysis.
  • Recovery time: Less than 30 seconds after a 0.25mg/L alcohol analysis.
  • Sampling Frequency: Less than 10 seconds after a negative analysis
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5ºC to 40ºC
  • Start-up time: less than 5 seconds at 20ºC
  • Start time at -5ºC: less than 60 seconds.
  • Measurement trigger flow: 9L/min in active sampling mode.
  • Trigger volume: 1.2L in active sampling mode.
  • Internal memory: 10,000 tests. LIFO overwrite system.
  • Display: Backlit graphic LCD with user interface menu in English.
  • Power supply: 4 standard AA Alkaline batteries. Allows up to 8000 tests.
  • Protection level: IP54
  • Optional Printing Kit: Printer connected via Bluetooth or USB port. Maximum ease of printing as many copies of any test as desired.
  • Carrying case included when purchasing the optional printing kit.
  • Periodic inspections: annual.
  • Operating humidity: 20 to 95%, non-condensing.
  • Storage temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC.
  • See optional accessories such as printing kit, power supply, silicone sleeve and work cover.
  • Size: Dimensions: 210 mm x 75 mm x 45 mm
  • Weight: light and handy. 325 grams (Batteries included).

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