For Nidec Defense Group, the most important factor are our customers, and we know we get through them, thanks to a great national and international distributors network. The NIDEc Distributors make our product to reach any end user, wherever they are. We dedicate a considerable amount of effort in searching new distributors to make our products available to any small town local police force.

Our distributors are our partners in the recruitment, development and customer loyalty. Our effort´ best transmitting channel is our distributor who join us and share with us this increasing market expansion, relying not only on our products and services but with our entire business philosophy.

Nidec Defense Group
has more than 25 years on the market. We are a group of young, highly motivated people that wants to improve every day and especially to enjoy ourselves while working. Here, work is not conceived a task, but a passion to improve and enjoy our successes, understanding such way of doing business, is also our distributors way.

Currently, our main goal, is our continual pursuit to expand our products range to offer more added value and competitive advantage to our distributors.

Becoming a 
Nidec Defense Group distributor is to bring value to that string above and to go for a controlled, safe and respectful growth. The loyalty of our distributors is our success and efficiency guarantee. Today we are already a large family. So thank you very much and for those ready to enter, be very wellcomed to Nidec.


Our distribution channel has the best support for your business on:

Higher margins.
Support and marketing advice.
Marketing support.
Personalized attention.
Payment Terms

If you are a company, profesional, related business trade, if you are somehow linked to the security world, if you like the police security equipment indusrtry, if you're a serious professional aimed to win and finally if you are convinced to be part of the NIDEC´s family, we believe you can be a very good NIDEC distributor.

To begin with the process, please fill the Registration Form. Once you've completed it, make sure you click on the SEND IT button. We will contact you and proceed with the distributor applicance.

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