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The CCN38 is the interior belt to be used aong with the duty belt CCN35. It is manufactured with Ballistic Nylon®. 

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Cinturón interior de nylon para policía y seguridad privada


The CCN38 is manufactured with Ballistic Nylon®, to become a very strong and durable inner belt. It has been sewn the male Velcro ® side along its external face to quickly and effectively adhere to the outer belt CCN35, which comes with the female side of the Velcro in its inner face.

The inaltner belt is 4,2cm. thickness, thus making it compatible to all duty pants, uniform and even tactical pants. CCN35 is to be slide through the usual pants loops and buckles, and overlapping the 2 ends which fasten by Velcro ®. This way the user can adjust the belt to its size.

The NIDEC inner belt is made of Nylon ® instead of Nylon Ballistic, just to have the flexibility to adapt to the user's waist without becoming uncomfortable.

The type of Velcro used is MIL SPEC Velcro, and it has been cross-stitched with nylon thread lengthwise.

The thread use is TEKLON ®, a high-strength ceramic solution.


Material: Nylon®.

Surface: Velcro® male.

Closure: Velcro® combination.

Width: 4,2cm.

Color: black.

Available in two sizes which allow fully adjustment:
Size M (90 cm, adjustable up to 100cm)
Size L (115cm adjustable up to 130cm)


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