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The HALO Technologies CAM20 Horizon S2 is the most advanced personal camera on the market, designed to meet the needs of professionals in security, monitoring, emergency and any activity involving liability. The kit includes a swiveling magnetic mount, a single charger, a lifetime license and VAULT software for data management. The AWARE system automatically triggers recording in stressful situations, ensuring that all critical events are captured.


The CAM20 Personal Camera is today, without a doubt, the most advanced camera adapted to the needs of police, security, control, emergencies and in general for any activity involving responsibility.

The CAM20 Horizon S2 is manufactured by HALO Technologies, Europe's leading manufacturer of personal cameras. With an increasing worldwide presence, it is becoming the reference for many other manufacturers who see how a more modest company not only has a better product but also understands the needs of the market much better and adapts the product to the customers and not the other way around.

The CAM20 reference is not only the personal camera. It is a kit that includes of course the S2 camera with Klick-Fast support, a magnetic mount with swiveling ball head, a single charger that is also a base station and a lifetime license for the camera.  With all this, you just need to install the VAULT software on your servers or in the cloud and start using the Halo cameras.

One of the "problems" that some of the customers comment when using personal recording cameras, is that in a stressful situation, they often forget to activate the recording. For this Halo has 2 solutions. One is the AWARE system which is a device that sends a signal to any HALO camera up to 30 meters away and automatically triggers the recording and the other is the pre-recording system. The AWARE device can be easily and quickly installed next to the holster of the firearm, the DEC "Electronic Control Device", the spray and even the baton. The AWARE device can be easily installed next to the holster of the firearm, the DEC "Electronic Control Device", the spray and even the baton, so that when any of these weapons is removed from its holster, the AWARE device sends the signal for automatic activation of the recording.

In addition, all HALO cameras are configurable and allow programming of pre- and post-recording time, so that when the recording starts, up to 2 minutes of pre-recording can be included. If, at the end of the recording, you want to add a few more minutes, this is also possible with the post-recording. 

All HALO cameras can be activated automatically. Just by activating an AWARE device, any other HALO camera within a range of 30 meters will automatically start recording.  The AWARE devices can trigger the camera automatically, for example, when the light bridge is activated, the siren is activated, the vehicle door is opened, etc...

The CAM20 is a high definition video and audio recorder with 3-axis optical stabilizer, designed to be hung on uniform lapel, vest, belt, car dashboard, etc. ..... 

With tamper-proof 64GB secure internal storage, the CAM20 Horizon S2 can continuously record up to 2 hours of video until the battery runs out. The battery life is up to 16 hours. All video and audio information is ENCRYPTED inside the camera, and securely transmitted to VAULT management software installed locally or in the cloud with full chain-of-custody assurance.

Wi-Fi connection. Many of the existing personal cameras on the market require you to place them in their docking stations for the videos to start uploading to the server. But with HALO, that's not necessary. Thanks to the cameras' WIFI system, they are capable of transmitting videos to the server in near real time if they have WIFI coverage. HALO cameras are able to work with up to 10 WIFI security networks, which means that the videos are uploaded with only 1 minute delay. 

GPS Geolocation. All HALO cameras include a GPS that provides accurate positioning of video evidence. The geolocation of the images provides reliable justification of where and when the images were recorded. 

SONY STARLIGHT RETINA LENS. The S2 camera uses 140º aperture optics and a resolution equal to the human retina of up to 1444 pixels. So what the human eye sees is what the HALO camera sees. No distortion and no magnification or enhancement of human vision, because what matters is that the camera records exactly what the user is seeing. 

Mark the moment of the video. Are you recording and want to add a mark or several marks so that later it is faster and easier to view that point? Do you want to take a snapshot of a document?  The HALO camera allows you to do so at the touch of a button.

Fast and wireless charging. The CAM20 is magnetically charged. Just place it on top of its base station/charger and charging begins. No connectors.

Weighing less than 145 grams, the CAM20 is discreetly incorporated into the user's clothing. Different supports with KLICK-FAST bases are available to suit every need and ensure the camera's stability even when running.

IP68 protection, because even under extreme temperatures, under water, stepping on a vehicle, falling from 2 meters, ... the CAM20 will continue to record.

More than ever, professionals who interact with the public need to document their professional actions for evidence and analysis, civil and legal liability purposes, and CAM20 S2 ensures that this is done in a manner consistent with the chain of custody required for any evidence that may be used in a court of law. The protection of the interests of the public and the agents' own interests are ensured discreetly and securely with CAM20.

Even in the most difficult conditions, at night, in the rain, in full sun... the HALO S2 camera achieves maximum performance thanks to its excellent quality.

HALO's VAULT is the same software to be installed on the customer's servers or in the cloud. So when a customer decides to move to the cloud, they don't have to adapt to other software. VAULT is the largest platform for storing and managing camera videos in a totally secure way and without breaking the chain of custody. With VAULT the possibilities are endless. By means of cascading intelligent charging stations, the cameras start uploading their videos as soon as the Agent deposits it in the base station, and at the same time the recharging of the batteries is initiated, thus automating the workflow with the videos of each camera.

The VAULT software as well as the security of the servers where it is installed, is CYBER ESSENTIALS PLUS certified, which is the highest level of certification of the Cyber Essentials scheme, where cyber security experts perform vulnerability tests of the systems to check the protection against hacking and phishing attacks.


Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 86x54.8x29.8mm (height x width x thickness).
  • Video resolution: Configurable between 720, 1080 and 1444 pixel.
  • On-screen resolution: 1920x1080
  • Video format: MPEG-4
  • Encryption: AES256
  • Networking: WIFI and 3G and 4G with CAM30 (S3) model
  • Processor: Ambarella S5L Quad-core
  • Water resistance: IP68 Certified (IEC 60529)
  • Corrosion Resistance: MIL-STD-810G Method 509.5 (Salt Fog)
  • Field of View: 140º virtually identical to human field of view 
  • Temperature range for optimum performance: -30ºC to 60ºC
  • Ambient and cold temperature drop test: 2 meters, IK08 certified
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Battery: 4200Mah internal lithium gel battery
  • Recording capacity in software: unlimited with VAULT on line storage.
  • Battery life/Autonomy: up to 16 hours continuous recording.
  • IP-68 waterproof level; submersible up to 30 min @ 1m
  • Pre-recording mode. Configurable from 30 to 180 seconds
  • Language: English, Spanish, French and German.
  • One-handed operation. Intuitive
  • Customizable notifications (sound, visual and vibrations).
  • Pre-recording can be without audio to ensure user privacy. Configurable
  • Weight: 145gr
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