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The SABRE RED TIB90 is a .68 caliber pepper ball rifle designed to provide safety and control in any situation. With a capacity of 180 balls and an effective range of up to 53 meters, it is the perfect tool for any type of intervention.


Here is the new TIB90 launcher from SABRE RED. SABRE is a world leader in the manufacture of pepper sprays, which has designed this .68 caliber pepper ball launcher rifle to provide unparalleled control and safety.

Inspired by the famous M4 carbine, the TIB90 handles similarly in terms of bolt and safety. Thanks to Picatinny rails, it is compatible with many accessories available on the market, offering exceptional versatility. Fully mechanical and pneumatically propelled, this pepper ball launcher does not need a battery, it is always ready for action!

The TIB90 includes a hopper with a capacity of 180 balls, guaranteeing sufficient ammunition for any type of intervention, from targeted actions to confrontations with large crowds. Capable of firing up to 11 balls per second in semi-automatic mode.

The propulsion of the balls is achieved through a 0.21 liter aluminum compressed air bottle, at 3000 PSI pressure. With a capacity for up to 300 rounds, you can rely on this rifle at any time. It has an ASA valve that allows you to store the rifle with the pressurized air bottle so that you can have it available at any time. 

The effective range with precision shooting is 20 meters, while the mass dispersion range is up to 53 meters away. The Sabre Red pepper balls are designed so that upon impact they burst and release pepper powder, generating a toxic cloud that makes it difficult for subjects to see and breathe.

The TIB90 features the patented Air-Driven technology, which ensures a perfect feeding of the balls from the hopper to the chamber without interruptions. This system allows to have several hoppers with different types of ammunition, adapting to each type of intervention.

In addition, the TIB90 includes three Picatinny rails for adding accessories, a fixed front grip, an adjustable stock, an ambidextrous trigger selector and a precision barrel. Includes fixed rear sight and sights. Get ready for maximum safety with the TIB90 pepperball rifle from SABRE RED.


Ammunition available

  • PAVA Sabre Red Pepper
  • Nylon for glass breakage
  • High traumatic impact rubber
  • Inert powder training

Advantages of the TIB90

  • Sold exclusively to Security Forces and Corps.
  • High level of deterrence.
  • Built on the base of the M4 rifle, making it compatible with multiple accessories.
  • Compressed air bottle, which allows it to be refilled in any place that has a compressor, such as diving centers.
  • Extendable stock that allows it to adapt to any user.
  • High visibility orange color to differentiate it from lethal weapons.
  • It is marketed with a double clip-attached magazine, which allows it to be loaded with different types of balls in each one of them.
  • It includes a large capacity hopper for interventions that require a great power of contamination.

Technical characteristics:

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Type of firing: Semi-automatic.
  • Magazine capacity: 19 balls.
  • Total magazine capacity: 38 balls
  • Hopper capacity: 200 balls
  • Rate of fire: 100 MPS
  • Kinetic impact: 13-21 joules
  • Firing pressure: 207 Bar
  • Operating temperature: 3º - 55ºC
  • Measurements: 85x28,6cm with hopper installed
  • Weight: 2,8Kg with hopper installed
  • Color: Black and orange high visibility
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