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Proper training in the use of equipment and new techniques is essential to ensure the safety of the professional sector as well as civilians. This is why we created a training academy and call it Nidec Training Institute (IFN).
IFN is a training center that aims to meet all the requirements for today's society, providing excellence in training to the security professionals.
We develop a wide variety of courses at different levels according to their content, taught by professional instructors from national and international experts on security and defense.


Aware of our responsibility as instructors, we separate our students according to their jobs, thus we ensure the confidentiality to each of them and make sure we teach restricted contents to the right students. Optimize the learning process is also one of our goals. Here you are our four main education philosophies:

Training for the Law Enforcement members:

We offer a range of courses and seminars for officers who want specialist training or deepen their knowledge in any subject of police techniques and tactics. Reaching the highest level of professionalism within the security is what we expect our students to aim at.

For security reasons, these courses are restricted to police officers and military. Might not be possible to attend any of our training activity, if the student does not show his/her police or military ID.

In all our courses we include a personal insurance for each student to cover any potential injuries. Those courses that are based on the use of force or were taught techniques of arrest and control, are iound to be in accordance with the Spanish law by legal experts. Our aim is the use of force by law enforcement officers is proportionate, reasonable and oprotune.

The I.F.N. Academy has provides the students with all necessary training equipment. Training real is our sole choice.

Training for Professionals in Private Security

The courses are open to all security professionals with the aim to learn new techniques in defense and personal safety behavior.

It´s every day more common to have students from the private sector who really feel the need to improve their skills, as far as they notice how dangerous is their daily work becoming. It has vital importance to be trained according to the actual needs, either theoretical and practical. Laws changes quite often. Products and techniques increase every day.
Accreditation is mandatory at the time of enrollment in the course.

Training for civilian and VIPS

Courses designed for all those civilians who due to their job and/or social status requirie specialized training for its own self defense. Judges, bankers, jewelers, politicians and top executives take our courses to improve their self defense skills, detecting threats in advance, etc....
On the other hand, do not forget the other civilians with less resources. They might also be exposed to the current insecurity and gender violence. We believe our courses of self defense, female self defense, use of defense sprays and detection of threats to be equal to a life insurance.

Training for Dealers

We offer to all our dealers, dedicated training and share knowledge with all of them, to make better products and equipment and obviously increasing the level of the end users´attention by teaching our dealers with the latest news and goals.

Training for Coporate executives

The IFN also offers the ability to provide tailor-made courses, depending on the needs of each company, regarding the training needs we notice or what the security advisor tell us.Contact usto request more information.



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