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SUPERHAILER Acoustic-Warning Signal Projector for crowd control

SUPERHAILER is a revolutionary acoustic communication tool that employs patented innovation to produce leading performance from a portable audio device.


The SUPERHAILER acoustic projector is a high power, long range and directional portable communication tool.

Leading clarity and projection in its segment. It is designed to provide to Law Enforcement and Emergency Services the ability to send audiomessages PRECISELY, CLEARLY and SAFELY at a distance of up to 250 meters, or even acoustic signals that may have dissuasive function due to their characteristics.

Transmit attention-grabbing voice messages and audio signals over long distances to effectively manage crisis situations. Project sound clearly at very high but safe volumes to specific groups, individuals or search areas while video, location and sound data evidence is automatically recorded.

SUPERHAILER is designed to help reduce Security and Emergency Service professionals stress and better manage dynamic situations remotely through clear communication. It allows them to deal with challenging scenarios through persuasion, advice and warnings, all at a safe distance and withour resorting to the use of force.

It is a portable device that works in two main modes: it can deliver powerful and specific verbal messages or instructions with great clarity and, if necessary, it can emit narrow and intense yet safe sound beam with dissuasive effect. It cuts through ambient noise and helps to capture the attention of called inidividuals or groups. The loudspeaker can be quickly deployed to play a key role in reducing dangerous situations.


  • It allows to reduce and manage dangerous and challenging situations in a safe way.
  • It is a modern alternative to the use of force.
  • Effective range up to 250 meters.
  • 100% safe to use, complies with OSHAS health and safety legislation.



Stunningly directional acoustic output, with unparalleled clarity of messages at a distance. The main functionalityof the Superhailer is to create a narrow sound beam that can be applied to selectively target an individual or individuals at a distance of more than ten meters.


Built-in automatic safety system, which keeps the system safe to use and easy to operate and train. The speaker is specifically designed to avoid user decision-making problems. The user points the device and presses the trigger button. At that moment, a built-in laser rangefinder instantly measures the distance to the target. The safety limiter controls the sound exposure at the target to preset levels. For instance, the UK Police Service has specified 112dB LAeq as the exposure maximum level for a distance below 13 meters.


Intuitive ergonomic controls on this handheld device, designed to be worn. Built-in LCD display for easy operation. 


The device automatically records all details of its use, creating a clear and traceable audit trail.


Complies with current health and safety regulations (ISO 1999:1910, OSHA and NIOSH), the only acoustic device to do so.

The device is designed to be worn comfortably by the user on a shoulder strap and to be intuitive to use. It is configured as a "sound gun" with a handle and trigger, making it very easy to turn on. The controls are minimal, ergonomic and easy to understand. It is designed to be used by one operator and is fully portable.

There is a sunlight readable LCD screen that displays the live feed from a coaxial camera along with user information.

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