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The TASER 7 12° Long Distance Service Cartridge offers accuracy and efficiency. Its innovative design allows for a straight trajectory and powerful kinetic energy. 

RESTRICTED SALE. This product will not be shipped to you unless you provide an OFFICIAL ORDER. 



The new SMART cartridges for the TASER 7 come in two different configurations to engage targets at close and long range. The long distance (LD) cartridges have a separation of only 3.5º between the upper and lower probe, which means that the separation of the cartridges in shots of up to 7.6 meters distance does not exceed 50cm.

With our innovative technology, the darts follow a completely rectilinear trajectory and impact with twice the kinetic energy of the Taser X2 cartridges. This ensures maximum effectiveness in immobilizing the subject.

An additional advantage of the new TASER 7 cartridges is that the lead wires are deployed from the dart and not from the cartridge, avoiding unnecessary wire deployment and facilitating police work.

The actual cartridges feature black dart compartments to clearly differentiate them from the training (blue or purple) and inert (red) cartridges.

If you think it might be beneficial to carry one long distance and one short distance cartridge in your TASER 7, you can do so. The cartridges are designed so that you can separate them and mount them in your preferred configuration.

In addition, the new cartridges feature a smart serial number that registers to the TASER 7, eliminating the need for cartridge micro-confetti when firing.


In Spain, this product is a weapon prohibited to civilians according to article 5.1, Apt C, of the current Weapons Regulation, (Royal Decree 137, January 29, 1993). Its sale is restricted according to Ministerial Order of April 28, 1982 (BOE number 112 of 11/5/1982), to the Organisms or Entities of which the Civil Servants or the Security Personnel depend on whose Regulations or internal Norms of action its use is foreseen.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help. Contact us at 902 333 007 or at for more information.

TASER, Axon, the "Bolt within Circle" logo, the "Delta" logo, M26, X2, X26, X26P and Axon Body are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. 

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