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The NDC gloves for police use are designed together with police officers until we get gloves that fully satisfy them for their everyday use.


The newly developed anti-cut membrane DYNTEX ®, meets expectations and has an amazing performance/price ratio.


The thin and therefore very comfortable membrane exceeds the maximum level 5, with a composition of polyamide, polyethylene and fiberglass according to the UNE-EN 388:2004.


The anti-cut membrane covers the entire glove and it is sewn with Aramid 3-ply thread to ensure uniform protection and fixation.

The NDC GUA16 glove is an incredibly lightweight glove, breathable, ergonomically designed, lined and made only with advanced technical fabrics to provide the highest level of quality and effectiveness.

The back of the glove is formed by a combination of bi-elastic polyamide fabrics and neoprene for maximum flexibility and breathability. The seams are always flat and parallel with a density of 4 to 5 stitches per cm. with 2-ply nylon thread..

In contrast, in the palm of the glove, there is AMARA ® fabric, which undoubtedly

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· The new and evolved GUA16 is coated entirely with a thin and very comfortable anti-cutting membrane named DYNETEX ®. Its composition  exceeds the cut protection  level 5 according to UNE-EN 388:2004.

· The glove is sewn with 3-ply Aramid thread ensuring their protection even in the stitching.
· The combination of bi-elastic polyamide fabric and neoprene on the back, ensures maximum flexibility and breathability.

· The palm of the glove is made of AMARA ® tissue, which provides a great resistance to abrasion, protects the entire palm area and finger nails against prompt deterioration.

· Between the fingers, the bi-elastic fabric is cut in angle to ergonomically fit to the size, thickness and shape of the user's fingers, making them much more comfortable than any other glove.

· In the palm, it includes an engraved polyurethane anti-slip silicone pattern that assures a perfect gun or baton grip.

· Its design and composition facilitates any hand movements and offers a level of touch sense and dexterity superior to any other glove.

· It also provides a Level 2 on abrasion resistance, level 5 for blade cut resistance, level 4 tear resistance and level 4 puncture resistance, always according to UNE-EN 388.

· Regarding UNE-EN 420:2004, the GUA16 meets level 5 in dexterity and when tested for water vapor


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