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FPE34 pistol holster has been designed to be a universal pistol holster. It is common to find different sort of types of pistols in service, but the client wants the same holster for every officer, so the FPE34 does the job, because it is widely adjustable.

The FPE34 can fit the gun with two adjustable straps and velcro secured book-style design holster.

For all pistols such as Walther p99, HK USP, USP compact, Beretta, Glocks, Sig, etc ...

Nicely designed to meet any uniformity standards

Fully adjustable to any gun and with a highly secure fast action thumb lever.

Allows you to adjust the resistance level desired by the user when holstering and unholstering.

IT has 2 velcroed loops to attach to any duty belt. These 2 loops assure the holster will always remain in your desired place.

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