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The DRF60 is an advanced digital cell phone and wifi detector, designed to improve security in correctional facilities by detecting and recording a wide range of signals and devices.


DRF60 - Digital Detector for Mobile Phones and Wifi for Prisons

The DRF60 revolutionizes prison security by being able to detect the latest generation of mobile and wifi devices. This powerful detector detects cell phones, smart phones, GPS trackers, SMS (Text), 3G/4G video, Bluetooth and Wifi devices.

It detects 800 MHz (4G), 900 MHz (2G), 1800 MHz (2G/4G), 2100 MHz (3G), 2600MHz (4G) cellular bands.

It also has a 2400 Mhz band detector specific for Wifi, Bluetooth and latest generation video devices.


  • Ultra-sensitive - Detects signals up to 50 meters.
  • Event logging. Records time / date, detected band, signal duration and strength, up to 4000 events.
  • Chronological listing can be viewed on the display and downloaded to USB for later storage / viewing on a computer.
  • Graph mode plots real time or graphical history of all detected cellular bands
  • Easy-to-use 3.5-inch TFT color display with menu-driven operation
  • Audible 'Beep' signal strength and silent vibration mode
  • Machined aluminum housing for maximum durability
  • Internal lithium polymer battery pack - Charger supplied
  • Supplied in military standard carrying case

The DRF60 Cellular Activity Monitor is a portable console with multi-band cellular signal detector ready for the latest generation of 4G devices (as well as existing 2G and 3G devices), plus Wifi / Bluetooth.

The DRF60 is designed to detect and locate transmissions from cellular cell phone based devices including cell phones, PDAs and smart phones, vehicle tracking devices, GSM listening devices (microphones) and covert 3G/4G wireless cameras. It can be used in meeting rooms to detect covert devices, and to detect unauthorized cell phone use in visiting rooms, offices, offices, examination rooms, hospitals or any place where the use of cell phones or electronic devices is prohibited. The DRF60 also has a 2400 Mhz band detector specific for fast growing threats via Wifi / Bluetooth / Video devices.

The DRF60 offers an unprecedented level of detection in a handheld unit and records all cellular activity within range. The device will detect signals from current cellular 800 MHz and 900 MHz (2G), 1800 MHz (2G/4G), 2100 MHz (3G), plus the new 4G (4G LTE) and 2600 MHz (4G LTE) bands. Multiple high-gain amplifiers of the DRF60 ensure detection up to 50 meters, depending on signal strength and environmental conditions.

Mode displaying two detected signals Graph mode (8 minutes) Graph mode event log (1 hour period) 2.4Ghz
Bluetooth and Wifi USB configuration menu Event Log

A simple and intuitive menu-driven system displayed on a color TFT screen allows the user to perform real-time detection or to view events that have occurred previously. Each band has a 20-element strength indicator, allowing the precise source of a detected signal to be located. It has an audible 'Beep' mode that allows the user to monitor without looking at the screen and a silent vibration mode that can also be used for particularly sensitive areas.

Up to 4000 'signal hunted' events can be stored within the DRF60 for display as a list or graphically. For each signal detected, (no matter how long or short), the time/date, duration, band detected and signal strength will be recorded. This can be particularly useful in identifying the type of device being detected. For example: a string of regular short bursts on a particular band may represent those of a GSM/GPS tracking device. These can be clearly seen in graphical mode as regular split lines representing the pulsing nature of the transmission. Also observing call activity at certain times of the day can help identify unauthorized telephone use in sensitive areas such as prisons, boardrooms, examination rooms, etc. The entire event log can also be downloaded to a USB storage device for later transfer to a computer for analysis or reporting.

The DRF60 also features an additional 2.4 GHz real-time band detector. This is designed for threat detection of a new generation of wireless devices using this band, such as Bluetooth and Wifi devices. These devices can be, for example, record audio for long periods and then transmit it in regular short bursts very difficult to detect. It will also detect other devices using this band such as wireless video. Complex algorithms analyze the detected signal to help identify the type of signal. i.e. . Bluetooth , Wifi, or other 2.4GHz signal. The 2.4GHz wireless detection mode stores the last 24 hours of activity which can be viewed graphically for later analysis.

The DRF60 is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest specifications and is encased in a machined aircraft grade aluminum case. It uses a lithium battery and is supplied with an international charger. The complete system is supplied in a heavy duty military standard carry case.


  • Semi-rigid multi-band antenna.
  • Charger 5V DC - 110V to 240V AC (automatic changeover) with international adapters.
  • Military standard case
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