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Corporate Responsability

In recent years, the debate on corporate social responsibility has grown. Driven by the deep changes that are taking place around the world, the new situation makes an issue to have in mind all the time which is the relationship between the company and society. This new concept is being considred in most countries and in almost all professional companies.

In Nidec Defense Group, we believe that a business-oriented CSR is a company that aligns with business processes and a social commitment, promoting sustainable human development, protecting human rights and the environment. It is also a way to produce improvements in the organization at all levels.

The new international scenario, new types of conflicts and the severity of recent natural disasters have resulted in an increase in humanitarian aid as a component of international cooperation. This increased presence has raised debates about its nature in different contexts: natural disasters, armed conflicts, operations, peacekeeping in the UN and other military (logistical support for direct assistance to the civilian population). Our collaboration is always focused on humanitarian organizations whose philosophies match with our.


ONG Colaboration

Inside of our ONG plan, we collaborate yearly with other ONG’s and Foundations that share both our business and social goals.
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 Fundación Vincente Ferrer      Cruz Roja Española        Bomberos Unidos        Fundació Institut Amatller d'Art Hispànic      Anesvad


The Environment

It is our profound belief that the participation and effort of every individual person on this planet helps combat the degeneration of our atmosphere. Some of our Environmentally friendly practices here at Nidec are:

The preference in purchasing of materials that are fabricated using 100% recyclable materials.

Utilizing ecologic paper, that is made without color or optimized use.

Reduction of water and energy consumption.


Contribute you too!

  • Change your light bulbs to incandescent light running at type A 75W
  • Install on your computer an energy saving software program
  • In the winter, wear heavier clothing and turn down the heater
  • Ask to see your electric bills
  • Use public transport as often as possible
  • In short commutes, use a bicicle
  • If you can, use a stairway instead of an elevator
  • If possible, try to grow a part of your food
  • Check your tire pressure every month
  • Make sure to close your freezer door correctly. Don’t put hot food or drinks in the freezer.
  • Carpool to work
  • Unplug your mobile charger when not in use