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Designed according direct specifications of police service and special groups




The CHB45 is a NIDEC vest SWAT model designed exclusively for its use in special operations, operative grouos, swat and other intervention groups. The ballistical protection level is the same as all our range of vests, but the SWAT allows to increase the level of protection to NIJ III or even NIJ IV by the adding of extra plates made of ceramic or ultra high-density polyethilene.

The SWAT vest CHB45 offers the user an absolute protection of the trunk, the neck, the lower abdomen and genitalia, forearms and quads. This means an absolute protection (exceptuating the head) of the vital areas of the body. This vest is an evolution of the SPECIALOPS and allows the user to detach from all protections quickly when in need.

Both in the front and the back there are two big pouches designed to carry the ballistic panels of protection against rifle and assault rifle projectiles, PBT50PBT55 or PBT60.

The exterior is made with a high-tensile strength fabric resistant to abrasion, tearing and UV light, in order to resist for friction with other clothing or accessories without causing its deterioration. It also comes with Velcro attachments at both sides of the chest for attachments like plaques or identification tags, similarly, the back of the vest allows for easy installation of reflective tags similar to the LRE35 with the text POLICIA, POLICIA LOCAL, GUARDIA CIVIL, etc…

The SWAT vest covers perfectly all the areas that are exposed at an armed threat without cover. The back panel covers perfectly all the area of the back trunk until the waist and additionally, it is designed so that when the user adjustes it, at least 3cm of the back panel overlap over the front panel, allowing a 360º or "full wrap" as known in the sector.

Other than the shoulder adjustments with elastic bands ending up in high-performance Velcro, the SWAT vest CHB45 disposes of two big adjustments in the abdominal area that allow for a quick setting without risking an incorrectly positioned vest. Two buckles have been placed to assure the placement of the vest.

Surrounding the vest, the forearm protection concretely, there is a Molle system in order to adapt all sorts of accessories, covers and other tools necessary for this kind of interventions.

We have available reflective tags type LRE35.

Click here in order to find out more information about the vests made by NIDEC.

And don't forget about the frequently asked questions about our vests along with the 30 most important points that you must consider before buying a bulletproof vest.

The CHB45 is a vest with protections in the neck, shoulders, pelvis and legs. It has been designed following the direct specifications of police intervention groups, always taking into account the relationship between 4 parameters: protection, weight, mobility and comfort.

The CHB45 covers all of the vital areas because the users of these vests have a very high probability of getting shot with one or multiple bullet impacts.

The exterior is made of high-resistance ballistic Nylon with a water repellent treatment. It allows dor serigraphy and includes the exterior black Nylon cover with velcro to add an optional reflective tag.

The vest can be customized to the exact needs of each group.


• Ballistic protection: Level NIJ IIIA.

• Cold Steel weapon protection: Up to 24J, double edged knives. 20mm penetration. NIJ 0.115.00.

• Weight size L: 8 kg.

• Ballistic surface: 0,77 m2.

• Thickness: 0,5 cm.

• Color: Black.



Availabel Sized: S | M | L | XL | XXL | XXXL.

CM TORAX 80-84 88-92 96-100 104-108 112-116 120-126
SIZE 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62


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We have available the vaporizer ref. BIO65, a chemical anti-bacterian product that works to make the vest be in its best conditions at all time.

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