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24'' (60cm) Dyno-Flex practice baton

29,75 €


Improve training and reduce injuries


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More realistic

Dyno-Flex are slender like a real baton, not fat and bulky.

More durable

With Dyno-Flex, broken batons and premature impact blowouts are not possible.

Less traumatic

Most practice baton manufactures wrap 1/2'' PVC with layers of various foam to create a padded baton. Injuries still occur when direct contact to the skin or muscle exist. As Full-Contact Weaponay, you'll find that with Dyno-Flex, you may not even need a padded suit to create the realism in baton training that you need.

Less expensive

Ordered individually or by the case, Dyno-Flex is less expensive than other batons available.


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Chicago PD, NYPD, and hundreds of Law Enforcement academies worldwide have switched to DynoFlex practice batons to improve training and reduce injuries.

Measures: 60 cm.
Weight: 50 gr.

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