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For Nidec Defense Group, the most important are our customers, we came through a network of national and international distributors. They make our product to reach any final customer, wherever you are. And we dedicate efforts in search of distributors to make our catalog of products and services to become the best tool for them and comes of course for their clients.

Our distributors are our partners in the recruitment, development and customer loyalty. The best channel transmitter of our efforts are those distributors who have joined us and share with us this receinte market expansion, relying not only on our products and services but with our entire business philosophy.

Nidec Defense Group
has more than 12 years on the market. We are a group of young, highly motivated people that wants to improve ourselves every day and especially to enjoy ourselves. Here, work is not conceived a task, but a passion to improve and enjoy our successes, understanding as ours, our distributors as well.

Currently, as a main goal, we are in a continual process of adaptation and relentless pursuit to expand our offering and our services and offer more value and competitive advantage to distributors.

Become a distributor of Nidec Defense Group is to bring value to this string and go for growth controlled, safe and respectful. The loyalty of our distributors is our guarantee of success and efficiency. Today we are already a large family. Thank you and wellcome to Nidec.


Our distribution channel has the best support for your business:

Higher margins.
Support and marketing advice.
Marketing support.
Personalized service continuously.
Payment Terms

If you are a company, armory, or related trade, if you are somehow linked to the security world, if you like the arms trade, police security equipment, high technology measures and countermeasures and specialized training, if you're a serious professional to win and finally if you are convinced to be part of the Nidec family, we believe you can be a good Nidec distributor.

To begin, fill the Registration Form. Once you've completed, we will contact you and proceed to open up sheet distributor.