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Herramienta multi-usos Sog PowerAssit, NEGRO (15 Herramientas)

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115,00 €
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Creating versatile, innovative, and dependable products is what SOG has become known for.
87,00 €
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SOG SLIM JIM Foldable knife. Assited openning.

Our new technical assisted folding knife line, stands out by virtue of simplicity and minimalism...
65,00 €
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Aegis Tanto - Serrated Black TiNi Sog Knife

Cover your back with Aegis outdoor or tactical blades
82,28 €
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         For our first Fusion tactical folder we wanted something that was progressive and performance driven...      
40,79 €
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Flash I (Straight edge) Black Serrated Sog Knife

One of the coolest knives we’ve ever seen
55,01 €
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Flash I - Half Serrated (Black TiNi) Sog Knife

One of the coolest knives we’ve ever seen
75,36 €
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Carry a little SOG with you everywhere you go!  
25,00 €
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Sog "Seal Team" military knife

Extraordinary tool & blade  
121,00 €
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Puñal SOG PENTAGON (Military & Law Enforcement Personnel Back-Up

Originalmente diseñado exclusivamente para personal policial y militar...
85,01 €
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Throwing Knives 3 uts

These stylized knives are not only fun to sail through the air, they are practical as well...
51,43 €
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