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123,97 €

The new CTA65 FAST RESCUE is a tactical stretcher thought to facilitate the evacuation in the field

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Slotted webbing; adjustable and removable belt hanger, non-slip leg straps...

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Pouch designed to be able to keep all type of objects..

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LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER! ResQMe™ goes where you go and provides real peace of mind to every motorist....

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The C-A-T® Holder was specifically designed to allow personnel...

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The Brous series of knives have been designed in conjunction with Jason Brous...

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The most suitable disposable gloves for the police activities...  

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The Access Card 2.0 doesn't grant admission into top secret facilities...

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Ideal for treating shock and hypothermia....

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For emergency external use  

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Fabricada en plástico transparente y equipada de una válvula unidireccional, que previene eficazmente la transmisión de las infecciones.

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