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Nidec Defense Group NIDEC Defense Group was founded in 1996. It has an experience of over 15 years in the field of security, defense and high technology electronic countermeasures. NIDEC team consists of dynamic individuals with extensive experience in managing, design, electronics, weapons and many years of experience in the world of security, training, military and other security forces. NIDEC serves up to 5 different sales channels through its Wholesale Distribution Department, Government Contracts Department, Exports Department, Retail Department and the E-commerce Department.

NIDEC manufactures, promotes and supply an extensive range of equipment. We have about 1,000 items fully referenced of security and defense for people, as well as products for arrest and inmovilization, lilumination, evacuation, and training gear and equipment, idding to all of this, a tange of audio and video equipment and physical and electronic countermeasures. The quality and effectiveness of any of our products have been tested, reaaon why you can find them in our catalogues. Thus, we guarantee the best equipment for the best solutions.

Furthermore we offer services for the security forces, agencies, companies, members of the public and private security and VIP. Our services´ range goes from training courses, counseling, advisors, special services, installation, of equipment in vehicles, fixing service etc., and ends on the rent of our class rooms and special facilities.

Realizing the vital importance of training in the security sector, NIDEC Defense Group, established in 2007 the academy called Instituto de Formación Nidec - known as IFN -. IFN is an academy to provide security & safety studies where to learn the latest protection and defense techniques. We develop a wide variety of courses and seminars, responding to all of the current training needs. To this end, we have our own facilities in our headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. See our section "Facilities".

Our academy has over 1800 sqm, where we have built some of the unique facilities for training and test equipment. you cannot find anywhere else. Our facility is undoubtedly the most modern private facilities, comprehensive and specialized industry. We have our own shooting gallery, armoury, specialized pro-shop open to the public, killing house (CQB), classroom, tatami mats room, parking for training vehicles, Rappel and Fast Rope Channel, cell to practice extractions, outdoor terrace, which allows us to train and performan with artificial rain. Our academy is accredited by the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia, Generalitat of Catalonia and the Spanish Federation of Wrestling and associated disciplines such as the Police Personal Defense and Krav Maga.

All our efforts allow us to constantly evolve. The increasingly knowledge of the activities of our clients, problems, resources and constraints, motivates us every day to continue to develop products, equipment and services, and of course continue to work closely with our dealers, keeping the ablility to adapt quick and eficient solutions to fit any particular protection and security needs.

We encourage you to continue browing our website and enter into the new era of police, military and security equipment, reminding you once again we are at your entire disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us, we appreciate greatly any input that allows us to be better.