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For those officers who need a complete ballisitc, stab and spike protection

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The new NIDEC vest model DUTYGUARD provides the user with both, ballistic and stabd&spike protection. We offer 2 levels of cold steel protection, level KR1+SP1 and Level KR2+SP2 according to the  british standard HOSDB. The british standard is quite similar to the American NIJ 0115.00 standard, which refers to LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2.

The DUTYGUARD vest protects you from both,  bullets, according to level NIJ IIIA  and cold steal weapons such as knives, stabs and spikes according to the resistance level you choose, Level 1 or Level 2.
The levels of cold steel protection are KR1 + SP1 and KR2 + SP2, where Knife is (KR) and spike is (SP). With knives is considered the type of blade, wether single or double and the energy impact in joules for both knives and spikes;





KR1 + SP124KR1=7, SP1=0*KR1=36, SP1 = N/AKR1=20*,SP1 = N/A
KR2 + SP233KR2=7, SP2=0*KR2=50, SP2 = N/AKR2=20*,SP2 = N/A
KR3 + SP343KR3=7, SP3=0*KR3=65, SP3 = N/AKR3=20*,SP3 = N/A



* The correct interpretation for this table is: in the KR1 + SP1 level shows a protection of up to 36 joules being the maximum allowable penetration of 20mm. While if the energy is 24 joules, the maximum allowable penetration is 7 mm.
Regarding SP1, spike, penetration must be absent in 24 joules of energy, so that is  0 (zero) mm. The HOSDB standard do not allowt penetration at all with the spike and do not test more than 24 joules with the spike.
Note: We can offer you protection vests with Level 3, KR3 + SP3, please contact us.
The DUTYGUARD vests offer a very comprehensive surface protection area and an incredible low weight, considering the dual protection. Its perfect ergonomics allows you to discreetly wear the vest during all day. See technical specifications tag above

The DUTYGUARD has a front panel designed to protect all vital parts of the torso, so it covers the whole area from the lower neck to the chest and abdomen. The rear panel does the same. It perfectly covers the entire back to the height of the kidneys.
The design of the  DUTYGUARD vest allows up to 3 cm of front to back panels overlapping.  The overlap between the front and rear panels, provides 360º protection, also known as  "full wrapp" protection.

Besides the shoulder  elastic straps finished with high performance Velcro, the DUTYGUARD has 2 large flappers in the abdomen that allow a quick clousure without the risk of wearing the vest misplaced as sometimes happens with those vests with narrow and individual strips.
With the DUTYGUARD vests, users will chose which panel they want to overlapp. That is; the front panel above the rear or vice versa.

Click on the tab TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tag above to read about its technical data and if you want to know more about the general information on our NIDEC body armor design and construction, click on this link below:


 Do not hesitate to click here to learn about the general design and construction specifications  of all NIDEC vests.
And do not forget to read the most frequently asked questions about the vests with the 30 most important aspects you should consider in a bulletproof vest.


Please select your desired leve of cold steel protection and the lsize to place your order.


Spare covers available for this vest ( ref. FAB20 )



Replacement carriers. There are FAB40 replacement covers and extra covers for this vest for outdoor use, like FAB45 in high visibility YELLOW or BLUE and also BLACK. Anti-trauma panels PAT20 also available.



• Ergonomically designed for everyday use. It does not hinder the user's movements, or difficults when sitting or driving.

• Can also be used externally. It includes up to 4 elastic adjustment points with Velcro clousure for a perfect positioning.

• Front, back and side protection. 360º protection.

• Ballistic protection: NIJ level IIIA Certified

• Cold steel Protection: Certificated according to HOSDB for levels KR1 + SP1 and KR2 + SP2.

• Panels Weight size L for 3A plus KR1+SP1 solution: 1.95 kg. 

• Panels Weight size L for 3A plus KR2+SP2 solution: 2.15 kg. 

• Surface Ballistic size L: 0.297 m2.

• Ballistic panel thickness for 3A plus KR1+SP1 solution: 0.6 cm.
• Ballistic panel thickness for 3A plus KR2+SP2 solution: 0.7 cm. 
• Ballistic panel density for 3A plus KR1+SP1 solution : 0.65 g / cm2.

• Ballistic panel density for 3A plus KR2+SP2 solution : 0.71 g / cm2.


• Double international and national insurance R.C of $10 million and Euro1.2 million respectively.
• 10-year guaranteed ballistic panels. All panels are protected with a 100% high tensile strength waterproof polyamide fabric. It is heat-sealed in climatic chamber with zero relative humidity, to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria inside the panels.

• All ballistic panels carry an identification tag with serial number, date of manufacture, model, resistance levels, certificates, instructions for use and maintenance and correct placement sign of the panels inside the carrier.
• Access to ballistic panels by hidden and protected zippers that prevent friction with the skin or clothing of the user.
• The carrier is made with 100% high tear strength polyester, water repellent and breathable, called Evaportex, while on the inside, which is in contact with the body, is Micro-Net, a fabric 100% polyester with self-regulating temperature function, which absorbs body perspiration and facilitates evaporation. Carriers are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

• Each vest comes with a carrier, a carrying bag and instruction booklet with the guarantee contract and copy of all certificates.
• Free guarantee replacement policy if you ever suffer a real attack during the warranty vest period.


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Available sizes : XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL | XXXL | XXXXL

CM TORAX80-8488-9296-100104-108112-116120-126

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